TLC Cleaning Services

Our History

TLC Cleaning Service, Inc. was founded in 1984 by Coralie Recob in Williams Bay, WI. She had a passion for people and for cleaning. This came through in the standards she set and in the relationships she built, both with staff and clients. The business grew almost solely through word of mouth referrals and by taking care of homes like they were her own.

In 2014, Coralie retired and sold the business to Mike Butler, a local business owner. Mike brought the same passion for excellence and commitment to service that have been the foundation of TLC's growth.

October of 2019 brought another change in ownership, but not in passion. Matt and Wendy Hansen of Hansen cleaning purchased TLC. They and their family run the day-to-day operations and carry on the tradition of great service they have brought to cleaning since 1998.

Our Distinctions

Trustworthy    We recognize that it requires great trust to allow others into your home. We take that trust very seriously and strive to protect it. The most important safeguard of trust is our people, who have demonstrated their trustworthiness over a period of years. We take practical steps to protect your property, such as maintaining keys with multiple physical security measures. Keys are signed out by our staff and returned to the office. Keys are only identified by a random number, not a name or address.

Bonded and Insured    We carry the liability for having us in your home to clean and care for it. Our insurance not only covers our employees, but any sub-contractors we may bring to perform home repairs.

Locally Owned and Operated    We are part of the community. We live, work, and our kids attend school here.

A Passion for Excellence   It is in our DNA. We cannot tolerate a job not done to our (obsessive) standards. We just can't. It has to be done right. If we do not get it right,  we do what it takes to make it right.

Long-Tenured Staff   Our year-round cleaning crews are full-time and have been with us for several years. They are experienced and trustworthy.

Flexible and Responsive   Our people come to work, ready to work. But if an emergency arises, we have the resources and the commitment to adjust to get the job done.