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It’s the Little Things, Part 1

          Hi my name is Matt Nevala.  I joined the TLC team last spring as Office Assistant and Field Inspector, but I do a little bit of everything.  I take care of the little things and TLC is about being a master of the little things.  One of those little things is our blog…

          Sometimes the little things are those things we never think about…  Home owners worry about a leaky roof or water seeping around our foundation. Is that tree leaning too close to the house?   But it is much more common to have a little thing like a valve under the sink leak and a small drip begin to soften up the base of your cabinets.

Sometimes hidden little things like a toilet wax ring (the seal between a toilet and the pipes in the floor) without warning fail and create big messes.  In fact a bad wax ring woke my wife and me up one night, we thought at first we were hearing rain. Then our son, who has a basement room told us, it was raining! In the laundry room… Unfortunately it meant a middle of the night clean up, yuck toilet water all over our laundry room.  But it would have been much worse if we had been at work or on vacation.  A toilet with a bad wax ring will not stop running until the water is shut off.  Could you imagine if the flooding would have gone on for 8 hours or more?

In the news lately we saw the fires out in California and flooding in Texas.  Here in Wisconsin we had flooding this summer, and normally ice storms every winter.  We see this type of damage from natural disasters and fear these large dangers looming over our home. But more than likely it is the little things that we find on a regular basis that can sneak up and cause the big problems.

For Example, Every winter we at TLC discover gas leaks, normally they show up when a house has been closed up for a while and the gas has not had a chance to escape.  Luckily we have stopped in for a check and our nose knows the truth. We contact the gas company and get it fixed right away. Normally it is just a bad connector hose between the house and appliance like the stove or dryer.  A small gas leak undiscovered can lead to a huge fire later.

Our noses have also found animals that decided to have their final resting place under the front porch.  We made this kind of discovery 3 times this year alone plus another one just yesterday.  We even had one chewed its way into the house then once trapped inside, never made it back out.  These smells can be hard to get out of house especially if they go undiscovered.

Our property service caretakers specialize in the little things!  To allow us to manage your little things email us: or call 262-245-8828

Best off all TLC will make sure that everything is cleaned up and repaired before you return to your summer or weekend retreat.  Let TLC be your eyes and ears protecting your home!